Stosh Tuszynski

Stosh Tuszynski is an audio nerd who plays with sound for a living.

Ok… for fun too.

Sound Designer/Re-recording Mixer at Noisefloor

Creator of Collected Transients Sound Effects Libraries

Hi! I’m Stosh. The head floating above… is me. Since 2010, I’ve been in the world of post production audio in one form or another. I currently work at Noisefloor, a post production audio facility in Chicago, and also run Collected Transients, which makes (pretty darn good) sound effects libraries for sound designers.

I love sound. I love creating things. I love working with folks to bring the sound they’re hearing in their head, to speakers. This is my website, and rather than some long(er) rant about who I am and what I do, I invite you to check out some of my work, and/or read my (sporadically updated) blog.