Project Portal

I’ve got a project in mind… the type of project I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I’ve set a goal to create my own audio mod for Portal. After a lot of research and tinkering around with game files, I think I just might be able to make this happen.

Why Portal? Have you played Portal?!… Well, to be serious it’s a game I’m familiar with; a game I love; a game with a reasonable number of sound effects for one person to tackle. To me, it’s a great starting point to venture into videogame audio.

This is an independent project, not one my school is asking me to do. Because I don’t know what kind of work load Columbia is going to give me this semester, I don’t know when it will be done. But what I do know is I’m going to have a blast making it, and I’m going to be documenting it all right here. Check back for updates!

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