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The ol’ “It’s been a while!”

Stosh Tuszynski

It’s been a while! I haven’t been terribly active online in the audio world for a while now. Partially from a desire to unplug, but largely because audio work has kept me very busy lately! Since my last post (June…

Schoenhut Toy Piano

My grandparents kept just about everything. They kept pictures. They kept trinkets. They kept coffee cups, little figurines, and toys. They kept important things and seemingly meaningless things… They kept memories. It’s not something I appreciated anytime I went over…

Building an Acoustic Diffuser

I’ve been slowly building up my home studio over the years. I’ve purchased speakers, monitors, televisions, computer parts, keyboards, interfaces… all that fun stuff. However when it comes to some things, I look at the price and just get angry.

Learning to Record on Two Wheels

One of the things I’ve had almost no experience in until this year is onboard vehicle recording. To be honest, I probably  subconsciously avoided it for so long because of how difficult/time consuming it can be to get right. There’s a lot…