Lexicon IRs

Today I bring you more impulse response nerd fun. I recently finished recording and processing almost 100 IRs ran through a Lexicon LXP-15 “Multi-Effects Processor”. They ranged from basic rooms to stranger ones like “Jumpin’ Beans”. Since you’re cool enough to check out this post, here’s a link to download 10 of them (stereo and mono). These are Altiverb 6 IRs that have been tested to work on both PC & Mac.


One of the things I was most interested to find out with these IRs was if the pitch shifting of the unit would translate well. The short answer: No.

Many of the presets raised or lowered the pitch of the reverb by a fifth/octave/etc. It turns out the preprocessor wasn’t able to recognize the sweep in most of these cases. Some presets that only slightly shifted pitch were able to process but don’t sound the same in Altiverb. Have a listen to “122_Gated Dive”, which is included in the download.

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When I listened to the actual unit preset, there was a very clear progressive drop in pitch. As you can hear in the IR, theres almost none of that. However, if you listen closely to the last two signals, you can hear a frequency response shift. It’s sounds like a band of frequencies on a downward sweep in an EQ. Either way, I learned a lot through this and can’t wait to use some of the strange presets for sound design. Hope you enjoy them as well!

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