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Nascar! LOUD!

I went to my first Nascar race last weekend. It was LOUD! People had warned me about this, but I don’t think I quite understood it until I was there.

Lifting Michigan Avenue

One of the things Chicago is known for is it’s some what infamous river. The Chicago river (as beautiful as it is today) was once so sludged full of sewage and other waste that rats could run across the build-up on the…

Grandpa’s Klaxon Horn

Every now and then when I visit my home town my Grandpa has some ideas of what might be fun to record. This weekend I went back and found out he had an old manual Klaxon horn in his basement.…

The Weirdos with Microphones

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’ve done some field recording. If you’ve done a lot of field recording, chances are you’ve had a few run ins with police, security, and the general public where they thought you were…

Winter in the Prairie

Spent this last weekend recording the blizzard that hit the midwest. I was in Galesburg, IL, which didn’t get hit as hard as Chicago did. Apparently I picked the right weekend to visit my parents!